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Volleyball: JV Fall 2020 Schedule

    (as of 09-20-20)
Type  Time  Opponent  Location  Leaves  Dismissal  Comments
Thursday, Aug 27, 2020
Game  6:00PM  Mid Prairie  Washington High School
 (Time Changed)
Saturday, Aug 29, 2020
Tournament  9:00AM  Away vs. Williamsburg  Williamsburg High School
Thursday, Sep 3, 2020
Game  6:15PM  Away vs. Mount Pleasant  Mount Pleasant High School
3:30PM  3:10PM   
 (Time Changed)
Spectators are required to wear face coverings.
Tuesday, Sep 8, 2020
Game  6:15PM  Away vs. Fairfield  Fairfield High School
3:30PM  3:10PM   
Masks Required
Saturday, Sep 12, 2020
Tournament  8:30AM  Away vs. Mid Prairie  Mid Prairie High School
Monday, Sep 14, 2020
Tournament  5:00PM  Away vs. Waco  Waco High School
3:30PM  3:10PM   
F/S Tournament No Fans Allowed at tournament live stream link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf2dE48Z-dGZkyCQlTKjbXQ
Tuesday, Sep 15, 2020
Game  6:00PM  Keokuk  Washington High School
Monday, Sep 21, 2020
Tournament  6:05PM  Away vs. Columbus  Columbus Junction High School
4:30PM  2:00PM   
Tuesday, Sep 22, 2020
Game  6:00PM  Burlington  Washington High School
Covid Precautions: Masks and social distancing required
Tuesday, Sep 29, 2020
Game  6:15PM  Away vs. Fort Madison  Fort Madison High School
2:45PM  2:25PM   
Thursday, Oct 1, 2020
Game  6:15PM  Clear Creek Amana  Washington High School
Saturday, Oct 10, 2020
Tournament  8:30AM  Multiple Schools  Washington High School

WHS-Auxiliary Gym
Monday, Oct 12, 2020
Conference  5:00PM  Away vs. Multiple Schools  Keokuk High School
3:00PM  2:40PM   
Thursday, Oct 15, 2020
Game  6:00PM  Away vs. Columbus  Columbus Junction High School
 (Time Changed)